Hunting in Estonia

Estonia is a great value for hunters, offering outstanding hunting experiences priced affordably and honestly. Estonia is a unique hunting land because huge untouched forests have preserved here. Our game fauna is versatile and rich compared to most European countries.

Hunting in Estonia is very popular among hunting tourists due to the richness of our animal species and the ease of obtaining permits and licenses.

We have experienced hunting guides and the best hunting areas. We organize absolutely everything from your arrival to your departure, including transportation, lodging, meals and necessary licenses.

The most popular animals to hunt in Estonia

Roe deer, beaver, moose, wild boar, brown bear, lynx and wolf.


Woodcock (Scolopax rusticola) plus different geese and ducks.

The best time to hunt roe deer and wild boar in Estonia is from June to November. Best time for moose, red deer and brown bear is from September to November. The lynx and the wolf are hunted in winter and the beaver in early spring and late summer. Bird hunting in estonia starts in august and lasts until november.


Roebuck hunting pricelist 2021

Daily fee is 150.-

It includes hunting guide services.

In addition there is a fee for every buck you shoot:

1+1 Roebuck – 150 €

2+2 Roebuck – 250 €

3+3 Roebuck – 400 €

Wounding 50 €

Missed shot 20 €

Hunting takes place in Viljandi county.

Our Core Values

We do wild nature trips in Estonia because we are big fans of wildlife ourselves and being in that environment makes us happy. Our goal is to make you happy too!

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All our tours are guided by a very experienced hunting guide

Group size: We usually deal with a small groups, but we can also provide full service to groups of up to 10 people.

Services: We will organize everything you need including transportation, instructing, catering and accommodation.

Cost: Depends on the size of the group, the number of days and your wishes. Just send an inquiry, email or make a phone call.

Let us know the size of your group and what animals you want to hunt and when.

We guarantee the best price with the best conditions!

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