Come and discover the beautiful Estonian wildlife!

We offer the opportunity to hike on the best hiking trails in the Estonian nature.

Also wildlife photography tours.

We provide full service – guided tours, transport, catering and accommodation.

We serve groups from 1 up to 100 people.

We have a big outdoor tent for gatherings and music events.

We have been dedicated fans and admirers of Estonian wildlife since childhood. Being in the wild is our main hobby and it gives us joy and satisfaction. We work hard to ensure that all of our clients experience the same emotions.



There are more coastal meadows, forests and wooded meadows in Estonia than in any other European country.

About 50% of the territory is covered with forest. It makes Estonia a great place for hiking and exploring the wildlife which is extinct in most other parts of Europe by now.

It is said that Estonian nature is like the Amazon of the Nordic countries.

Estonia has a lot of extraordinarily beautiful untouched nature, and there is a huge species richness – both animal, birds and plants. If you know where to go, it is not too difficult to see rare animals and birds.

Hiking in Estonia
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The best way to see all this beauty of wildlife is to come here and take a hiking or photography tours.

So pick up your good friends and best colleagues and come to Estonia.

Whether you are interested in hiking, nature photography or sledgedogs, we provide full service for groups of 1 – 100 people.

Our wild nature tours in Estonia tours take you to the most untouched beautiful places and extraordinary trails.

All tours are completely personalized to suit your interests and needs.

Hiking in Estonia

Hiking in Estonia on the best hiking trails

We invite you to hike on the coolest hiking trails in Estonia, which are located in a large National Park.

The name of this park is Soomaa (in english – Land of Bogs).

This park is largely untouched by human activity, bogs with meadows and swamp forests make up 80% of its territory.

There are many different hiking trails and every hiking enthusiast will find a suitable trail.

Read more about hiking – HIKING IN ESTONIA

Most popular Estonian wildlife tours

Roe Deer watching safari in Estonia

We take you early in the morning and in the evening before sunset to the plains and meadows where you can admire these lovely animals.

Ingatsi Nature Study Trail

Ingatsi Nature Study Trail - 4,3km This nice trail runs through forests and bogs. Here is an observation tower on the bog ridge. It offers beautiful views over

Lake Öördi nature study trail

Lake Öördi nature study trail - 2.4 km Öördi bog is the only bog in Estonia, in which a residual lake of the former large Ice Lake has

Kuuraniidu Nature Study Trail

Kuuraniidu Nature Study Trail - 1km The shortest hiking trail, it is only 1 km long. The boardwalk goes through ancient drained peatland forest and back to the

Bird watching tours in Estonia

Estonia is among the top three bird watching destinations in Europe for the number of species spotted here. The best time for bird watching in Estonia is between April

Canoeing in Estonia

We offer canoe trips in the most beautiful Estonian national park called Soomaa (in english – Land of Bogs). The best time for this is between April and October.

Secret hiking trails

These hiking trails lead you to the untouched Estonian nature where are no wooden sidewalks, just animal tracks and a completely pure nature. Secret hiking

Moose watching safari tours in Estonia

Moose can be encountered in certain river meadows and clearings from spring to winter, but the best time is from September to the end of November.

Hiking on Beaver trail

Beaver trail - 1,8km It is one of the most popular hiking trails in the national park. This trail takes you through forested woods to see a

Lemmjõe forest study trail

Lemmjõe forest study trail - 5,8km The Lemmjõgi forest is an old floodplain forest. These types of forests are rare in Estonia and have disappeared from Europe.

Riisa study trail

Riisa study trail - 4.8 km This trail through bogs and forests is very extraordinary. Here you do not feel like you are in the 21st century, but

Accommodation in Estonia

Our Core Values

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