Hiking in Estonia on the best hiking trails

We invite you to hike on the coolest hiking trails in Estonia which are located in a large National Park called Soomaa (in english – Land of Bogs).

This National Park extends on a 390 sq km area, which is largely untouched by human activity, bogs with paludified meadows and swamp forests make up 80% of its territory.

This park has many study trails ranging from 1km to 6km.

We’ll take you to the beginning of each hiking trail you want to visit and later we will wait for you at the end of trail.

Hiking in Estonia

All hiking trails are completely safe and there is no possibility of getting lost.

There are information boards on each trail about the animal and bird species present, as well as about the flora.

You will also receive an accurate map and comprehensive consultation from us.

We also organize a picnic-style lunch in a naturally beautiful location.

If you decide to stay with us there will be also a sauna, barbecue and chill after dinner.


It will take a week to fully enjoy all hiking trails of this wonderful national park and you should consider it in your travel plans. It will be an extraordinary week!

Of course you are welcome to these best Estonian hiking trails also for a shorter period.

The number of tour days can always be extended if you realize on the spot that you will need more time for hiking in the wonderful Estonian nature.

Hiking in Estonia is just fun!

hiking in estonia, soomaa trails
hiking in estonia best hiking trails in estonis

We will organize everything including your transportation, catering and accommodation.

If you wish we can pick you up at Tallinn Airport and take you to South Estonia and after desired days in wild nature we’ll get you back to the airport.

When you are interested we can also organize your transport from Tallinn to South Estonia with a train, which is an interesting experience of its own.

Accommodation will be also exactly as you wish. From 5 stars hotel in nearest city to cozy home accommodation with sauna in small village middle of wild nature.

You can read more about accommodation here:


Best hiking trails in Estonia

Hiking in Estonia, beaver trail

Beaver trail – 1,8km

Beaver Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in the national park.

This trail takes you through forested woods to see a number of beaver lodges and dams.

With plenty of evidence of beaver activity throughout the entire trail, it won’t be long until you’ll find chopped down trees and all sorts of dam constructions.

The beaver trail guides you through different types of forest – dark spruce forest, light fern birch forest, wet marshy forest to the natural stream, in which beavers live. Traces of beaver activity can be observed very closely.

This hiking trail is quite short, only 1,8km and is quite easy to pass. There is also a picnic area and a dry toilet.

Lake Öördi nature study trail – 2.4 km

Öördi bog is the only bog in Estonia, in which a residual lake of the former large Ice Lake has survived at the edge of the bog.

This interesting hiking trail takes you through the woods and through the bog and finally reaches the lake where you can enjoy wonderful views.

Here is also opportunity to swim.

The trail has a medium length – 2.4km and is suitable for almost everyone.

Here are also available fire ring with barbecue grill, 2 recreation sites and dry toilet.

wildlife nature tours in estonia!
hiking in estonia, soomaa trails

Ingatsi Nature Study Trail – 4,3km

This nice trail runs through forests and bogs. Here is an observation tower on the bog ridge. It offers beautiful views over the bog landscape, including the surrounding forests.

After this the boardwalk meanders between bog pools. On the trail there are several recreation sites with beautiful views to the bog.

Kuuraniidu Nature Study Trail – 1km

The shortest hiking trail, it is only 1 km long.

The boardwalk goes through ancient drained peatland forest and back to the starting point. The attractions of the trail are the enormous mighty aspens, which have weathered storms and time.

Those who have gone hiking on this trail, can tell about the enormous amount of energy the walk in the forest gives.

The Kuuraniidu forest has been formed from swamp forest as a result of drainage.

Available: Observation tower, recreation sites, dry toilet, fire ring with barbecue grill.

Due to its short length, this trail is suitable for everyone.

hiking in estonia, best hiking trails in estonia
hiking in estonia wild nature

Lemmjõe forest study trail – 5,8km

The Lemmjõgi forest is an old floodplain forest. These types of forests are rare in Estonia and have disappeared from Europe.

This tour is very educational and one of the favorites of our clients. People are sometimes tired after this trip (still 5.8km), but always super cheerful and happy.

The trail goes along the floodplain meadow by River Raudna, then continues on the shore through the floodplain forest to the place Rivers Raudna and Lemmjõgi meet and fascinating oaks grow.

Traces of beaver activity can be seen near the study trail.

There is a fire ring with barbecue grill, dry toilet, information boards along the trail.

Riisa study trail – 4.8 km

This trail through bogs and forests is very extraordinary. Here you do not feel like you are in the 21st century, but you feel as you are in the time machine.

You can also see some beautiful swamp pools by the trail and of course swim in there.

This is nice location for a picnic.

Along the trail are many recreation sites, observation tower and dry toilet.

hiking in estonia best hiking trails in estonis

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All our tours are guided by a very experienced wild nature expert

Group size: We usually deal with a small groups, but we can also provide full service to groups of up to 100 people.

Services: We will organize everything you need including transportation, instructing, catering and accommodation.

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