We have the best secret places on wild rivers and streams for beaver / otter watching and photography in Estonia.

The best time for this is between March and October. We especially recommend  May and June – these animals are then most active and easy to spot – the vegetation is not yet too high in the nature.

Beaver or otter watching safari tour in Estonia

We make beavers and otters watching tours in Estonia from early spring to late autumn. You can choose how many tour days you would like and we will make it happen with very experienced local guide.

We recommend taking a three-day tour for the beaver or otter. Then you can be 100% sure that you will see these animals.

Of course, we will probably meet these animals on the first day, but nobody can never be sure of that – it is not a zoo but wild nature. In a place where many beavers were active just the night before, you may not be able to see any today.

Fortunately, we know dozens of beaver nest locations, and every time our choose what to visit, based on operational information and experience.

If we meet the desired animals on the first day, but you have booked 2 more days with us for this activity, then we will definitely find new custom made tours and activities you like for the rest of the days.

Besides seeing the beavers / otters you will see truly wild and untouched Estonian nature.

This tour is not a walk in the park. There is no trails, only REAL ESTONIAN WILD NATURE.

We guarantee that during it you will experience difficult terrain, dirt, mud and sweating – if you feel this is just something for you, get in touch!

The number of tour days can always be extended if you realize on the spot that you will need more time to stay in the wonderful Estonian nature.

We have a full service, we organize everything for you!

If you wish we can pick you up at Tallinn Airport and take you to South Estonia and after desired days in wild nature we’ll get you back to the airport.

When you are interested we can also organize your transport from Tallinn to South Estonia with a train, which is an interesting experience of its own.

There is also possibility that you take a rental car from Tallinn Airport and come to southern Estonia with it. Best place to rent a car in Estonia is Rentalcars.com

Accommodation will be also exactly as you wish – we organize everything. From 5 stars hotel in nearest city to cozy home accommodation with sauna in small village middle of wild nature.

All our tours are guided by a very experienced wild nature expert

Group size: We usually deal with a small groups, but we can also provide full service to groups of up to 100 people.

Services: We will organize everything you need including transportation, instructing, catering and accommodation.

Cost: Depends on the size of the group, the number of days and your wishes. Just send an inquiry, email or make a phone call.