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Bird watching tours in Estonia

Estonia is among the top three bird watching destinations in Europe for the number of species spotted here. The best time for bird watching in Estonia is between April and October. Bird watching tours in Estonia From spring to autumn Estonia is a very good place for bird watching.

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Beaver or otter watching safari in Estonia

We have the best secret places on wild rivers and streams for beaver / otter watching and photography in Estonia. The best time for this is between March and October. We especially recommend  May and June - these animals are then most active and easy to spot - the vegetation is not yet too

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Canoeing in Estonia

We offer canoe trips in the most beautiful Estonian national park called Soomaa (in english – Land of Bogs). The best time for this is between April and October. Canoeing in Estonia Canoeing in Estonia on the National Park river is one of the best ways to get

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Secret hiking trails

These hiking trails lead you to the untouched Estonian nature where are no wooden sidewalks, just animal tracks and a completely pure nature. Secret hiking trails These trails are located in southern Estonia, and during the hike we see many animals and birds, plus we pick delicious wild berries

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Moose watching safari tours in Estonia

Moose can be encountered in certain river meadows and clearings from spring to winter, but the best time is from September to the end of November. Moose watching safari tours in Estonia We do moose watching tours from spring to autumn. You can choose how many tour days

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Hiking on Beaver trail

Beaver trail - 1,8km It is one of the most popular hiking trails in the national park. This trail takes you through forested woods to see a number of beaver lodges and dams. With plenty of evidence of beaver activity throughout the entire trail, it won't be long until you'll find chopped

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Lemmjõe forest study trail

Lemmjõe forest study trail - 5,8km The Lemmjõgi forest is an old floodplain forest. These types of forests are rare in Estonia and have disappeared from Europe. This tour is very educational and one of the favorites of our clients. People are sometimes tired after this trip (still 5.8km), but always super cheerful

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Riisa study trail

Riisa study trail - 4.8 km This trail through bogs and forests is very extraordinary. Here you do not feel like you are in the 21st century, but you feel as you are in the time machine. You can also see some beautiful swamp pools by the trail and of course swim in

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