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Ingatsi Nature Study Trail

Ingatsi Nature Study Trail - 4,3km This nice trail runs through forests and bogs. Here is an observation tower on the bog ridge. It offers beautiful views over the bog landscape, including the surrounding forests. After this the boardwalk meanders between bog pools. On the trail there are several recreation sites with beautiful

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Beaver or otter watching safari in Estonia

We have the best secret places on wild rivers and streams for beaver / otter watching and photography in Estonia. The best time for this is between March and October. We especially recommend  May and June - these animals are then most active and easy to spot - the vegetation is not yet too

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Moose watching safari tours in Estonia

Moose can be encountered in certain river meadows and clearings from spring to winter, but the best time is from September to the end of November. Moose watching safari tours in Estonia We do moose watching tours from spring to autumn. You can choose how many tour days

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